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My name is Jak Koke. I create stories - novels and scripts and keynote speeches. Find more information about my best-selling novels and other writings on my website.

Credit: Aura Castro

Dear Future is two things:

  1. A newsletter of my research and ideas in real-time as I post them.

  2. An accumulating knowledge base for my future self, and yours.

If you’re curious about science, technology, culture, literature, relationships, sex, or economics, you’ll find something here.

The form of Dear Future is inspired by Cory Doctorow. I’ve been doing research and keeping notes for myself for years; the Memex method helps me share them online.

The major issues that concern me right now are climate change and sustainability; economic, gender, and racial inequality; and how to change insidious and exploitative cultural narratives. These are long-term struggles; I suspect they’re still relevant for you in the future—whenever you’re reading this.

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A newsletter of my writing, research, and ideas. Notes to my future self and others. A knowledge base to foster hope of a better tomorrow, covering fiction, science, technology, culture, literature, relationships, sex, economics, and more.


I create stories (real and fictional) in various forms--novels, keynotes, and scripts. My interests range from science to culture to economics and more. I strive to foment hope, spark empathy, and drive sustainability.